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New SJO Commission to be premiered at the May 7th 15th Anniversary Concert!

The Symphonic Jazz Orchestra’s 15th Anniversary Concert will feature the premiere of a new work from the winner of the George Duke Commissioning Competition, Alan Chan. Named after the SJO’s co-music director from 2004 to his passing in 2013, George Duke was a musical pioneer, bringing together the worlds of jazz, funk, r&b, classical and Brazilian music.Alan reflected on his commissioned work, “Denali World.” “My new piece is a musical reflection of my journey to the Denali National Park in Alaska last summer. While there, I discovered not only the majestic mountains, braided rivers and endless tundra, but also wild animals, hidden streams and colorful mushrooms, all contained in this new work.”

The new work was made possible by a grant from The ASCAP Foundation’s Louis Armstrong Fund and the SJO’s Commissioning Club.

Tickets range from $35 – $100. Click here to purchase tickets through the Carpenter Performing Arts Center’s secure site!

Visit our concert page and learn more.

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