George Duke Legacy Project

Dianne Reeves Home Concert Tickets 

There are only 3 sets of tickets left to attend SJO’s intimate private home concert featuring Grammy –winning vocalist Dianne Reeves. Tickets are $600 per couple. The concert will be held at a home in Brentwood on Sunday January 11, 2015 at 2:00 PM. The tax-deductible ticket includes pre-concert appetizers, wine, beer and other refreshments. 

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to order your tickets or if you have questions.


Thank You For Making the 

George Duke Legacy Project Happen! 

We reached our fundraising goal -

without your assistance we couldn't have done it.  


For information about the George Duke Legacy Project, please click here 


George Duke Legacy Project Supporters 

Many thanks to those listed below and to those who made anonymous contributions. 

Chester & Tee Wang . Darlene Chan . Jinko Gotoh . Steve & Cindy Ruth . Stephen Bland . Nigel Williams. Michael Grienauer. Anne Finestone . Simon Goodall . Suzan Glickman . John Harris . Marty Ashby . Kit Thomas . Jason Bland . Dena Dahilig. C. Brown. Kristy Morris . Leslie Adler . Patrick Collins . Trey Madhyastha . Bruce Lubliner. Robert Rick. Connie Eicher Bland . Esther Cervantes . Tim Newenham . Lester Gibo . Michael Banks . Lisa K. Karpf . Ray Robinson . Alex Shapiro. Kerri Glickman . Edward Dumlao . William R. Weathers . Stephen Rowe . Madeleine Crouch . Jay Goetting . Buell Neidlinger . Leonard & Caia Sasso . Edythe L. Bronston . Timothy Leaks . Darrell Spree . Johnny Walker . Geoff Bland . Cicely C. Mitchell . Adam Overacker . John Newcott . Peter Pelican . Nancy Gilliam . Alex Wallace . Calvin Smith . Sibyll . Tin Hoang & Leia Nghiemphu . Raul Midon . Clint Rosemond . Evelyn Vannozzi . Angela Flavors . Jericca Cleland . Ellyn Kusmin . Jonathan Charles . Barbara Abell . Booker White . Carolina Shorter . Chris Tucker . Darlene Martin . Audun Dertz . Mark Berg . Terri Coffsky . Leslie Baker . David Worrell . Gary Fry . James Goldenberg . Barry Tate . Betty C. Tuggle . Ken . Christine Whitaker . Genevieve Conaty . Steve Rubin . Andrew Papastephanou . Will Haines . Becky Brown . Jeff Mallory . Sean Barrett . James W. Wilson . Ralph Grierson . Rondi Charleston . Miles Porter . Samantha Marrs . Gary Stager . Robert Cloud . Adrian Coulson . Melissa A. Weber . Patrick Ludwig . Darryl Dogan . Bonnie Wacker . Mike Peak . Howard Banchik . Perry Dworkin . Donna Chinn . Stephan Fredrich . Gina Kronstadt . Gou Noborio . Ron Anderson . Susan Gordon . Mary Hafeli . Ernest Dickerson & Rose Geddes . Debra Peterson . Stacy & Denton Fisch . Hidenori Ueki . Rika Davis . Rose Ellen & David Glickman . Misato Shinohara . Peter Gontha . Jon Charles . Georgina . Sheree Johnson . Mark Olsen . Sharon Lapid . Dr. Stephan Dumas . USA for Africa . Tootie Heath . Pearl & Howard Davis . Barbara Glickman . Barbara Jansen . Chini Taylor-Johnson . Victoria Hornstein . Knossos Foundation . Melissa Hager . Joe Soldo . Michael Flöer

Symphonic Jazz Orchestra’s Featured School for the

Month of December   

Lincoln Elementary School, Long Beach, CA  

Featuring SJO’s "Bach to Bebop" Music in the Schools Residency Program for 4th Graders


“Lincoln Elementary is a very large year-round school that possesses a wealth of history, a dedicated teaching staff, and a marvelous, culturally diverse student body. This kindergarten through fifth grade school is located in the central Long Beach area. It is Long Beach’s first graded school, established in 1897 as Alamitos Avenue Grammar School. It is within walking distance of the Fire Department, MacArthur Park, and Mark Twain Library.”



Thank you to a group of very dedicated teachers, friends, and music supporters of Lincoln Elementary for contributing over $1,300 to help retain SJO’s “Bach to Bebop” Music in the Schools residency program for this year’s 4th grade students! SJO would like to personally thank: Concha Moy, Fabi Moy, Jorge Moy, Brian Buchanan & Michael Stugrin, Supervisor Don Knabe, and the Ella Fitzgerald Foundation for their kind support and generous contributions.



All 160 4th grade students this September began learning basic music structure, types and sounds of instruments and will progress through this yearlong program to gain knowledge and an understanding of music- from baroque through bebop. The curriculum, which includes the NEA's "Jazz in the Schools", is specifically tied into the California Visual and Performance Arts (VAPA) standards.



Pictured above, an SJO professional musician demonstrating different types of drums & their sounds, and below SJO musicians demonstrating string instruments in a 4th grade classroom at Lincoln Elementary.    


By the end of the 28 week program, the students have composed and performed a blues song, improvised on the keyboard, analyzed song structure, understood how instruments make and change their sound, and experience some of the finest musicians in the country performing right in their classroom.

To view last year’s culmination performance click here.


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