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Young Minds Meet Music in 175 Schools This Spring!

The SJO community is making it possible for young minds to experience the transformative power of music. Because of generous donors and funders, weekly music education is happening, each and every week, in underserved neighborhoods in Watts, Compton and Long Beach. In addition, the SJO Teaching Artists continue to inspire students in numerous grades in all 5 Culver City elementary schools, where the “Music in the Schools” program  first got its start.

In total, 4,500 students in LA County will receive weekly, in-classroom music education this spring!

The kindergarten “Intro to Music” residency teaches students solfege, rhythm and musical pitches on the staff.

For 1st graders, “Playing the Bells” residency teaches rhythm and notation and allows the students to play their own glockenspiel.

And the 4th grade “Bach to Bebop” residency gives students the chance to analyze song structure, improvise on the keyboard and compose their own blues songs.

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